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Muhammad Wasif Bashir Babar CV


Mailing Address:
Salman Ferdos Hostel, Room No.229
COMSAT University Abbottabad Campus                                  
Ph. : +92-0300-7913418


To contribute for the success of organization through hard work, dedication and commitment with opportunities to grow develop and utilize my personal abilities and skills.
: To seek a challenging position in an organization that offers my professional growth as well as an opportunity to contribute its mission.

Master of Science:
(Sustainable Water, Sanitation, Health and Development  3.27CGPA
( Research Continued 2012 To 2014)
 (COMSAT Institute of Information & Technology Abbottabad Campus.)
Master in Sociology: (Institute of Social & Cultural Studies)
(Punjab University, Lahore)    CGPA-3.20 (80%) 2008-2010
Computer skills.
Well conversant in MS Excel, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, Internet browsing. And SPSS
Scholarship awarded:
Ø  Master scholarship from Norwegian Government in Sustainable Water, Sanitation, Health and Development
Ø  International Development Research Center of Canada in 2012 for MPhil in Governance related subject
Ø   Institute of Social and Cultural Studies University of The Punjab Lahore.2010.

Ø  Three Month Diploma in TV Production and Direction from college of Media Studies Lahore
Ø  Three Month Diploma of News Casting and Program Anchoring from college of Media Studies Lahore.
Online Courses.
Sustainable Economic System (September 2013 to November 2013)
World Bank Institute.
Introduction to Sustainable Water   and Sanitation
Norwegian University of Life Sciences. (September 2013 to December 2013)

Proficiency in English, Urdu as well as Punjabi , Sariki (Hindi, Hindhko and Phshto at basic level).
Personal Information.

Father Name.      Naseer Ahmad Babar
Date of Birth:     15-06-1988
Marital status:    Single
Domicile:         Faisalabad
CNIC No:         33106-3469937-1

Professional Experiences:

 Title Program Coordinator
May 2012 – August 2013 (1 year 4 month) Punjab Zone
Following are the key responsibilities being a Program Coordinator.

v  Develop the network with different CBOs and NGOs working on the Water and Sanitation in the Punjab Province.
v   Capacity building of local developmental organization.
v   Develop functional relationship between different organizations.
v    Organize the zonal quartile meeting of CBOs and other NGOs which are members of this network.
v  Update all the stakeholders with latest information delivering from country and Provincial     convener regularly.
v   Organize budget, planning and organizing monthly meeting at District level.
v   Facilitate participants with lodging, brushers and other related material of Water and   Sanitation, health hygiene.
v  Organize “WATSAN” campaign whenever it needed.
v   Give task to CBOs and NGOs about dispersal Awareness among Communities about    Potable Drinking water and improve sanitation system.
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Institute of Social and Cultural Studies University of The Punjab Lahore.
May 10,2012 To July ,10 ,2012
v  . Organize internship of students in different NGOs, CBOs, Hospitals and
               Other research departments.

Title: Master Trainer for General Election 2013-Pakistan:

Organization: Pakistan Election Commission and UNOPS 

April 2013 – April 2013 (1 month) Faisalabad-Punjab- Pakistan
Following were my Responsibilities being Master Trainer for the General Election 2013.
Ø  Give training to the Presiding Officers, Assistant Presiding Officers and Polling Officers at Tandlianwala and District Faisalabad city.
Ø   Present and attribute the Slogan of Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) that is To organize and conduct free, fair and impartial elections through enhancing its organizational capacity; preparing and maintaining credible electoral rolls; delimiting constituencies in a transparent manner; encouraging voters´ participation; monitoring electoral processes diligently; and building constructive relationships with all stakeholders, and introducing comprehensive electoral reforms in Pakistan.”
Ø   Give Lecture on the Professional Characteristics of the Polling Personnel.
Ø  Give detailed about the type of polling personnel and their responsibilities as well.
Ø  Briefly discussed " who will do what"_ Role and responsibilities of the Presiding Officers, Assistant Presiding Officers and Polling Officers, Security (Police Officer), Election AND Polling Agents, National and international Election observers as well.
Ø   Give practical presentation to attribute the Responsibilities of Presiding Officers at Pre-Polling Day.
Ø   How to organize the voting both separately for the Male and female. and design the polling ways.
Ø   How to deal with the issues like Tendered, cancel, challenged, spoilt, valid, invalid votes and ballot papers.
Ø   When and why Presiding Officer will make use of The Authority and powers of Magistrate class one at the Polling day during polling.
Ø  How to close the polling in time or in the case of any unwanted and unpleasant time during the polling.
Ø  How to make a statement of Count and statement of Ballot paper
Ø  Introduce the Tamper Evident Bag to eradicate the cases of emblazonment in the result of the Polling. Election Commission of Pakistan
Ø  Advocacy to The Network Organization in Program launching at Faisalabad District on 04 April to 01 May 2012.

Title: Master social educator :

Project title : Punjab Education Sector Reform Program.
Government of Punjab and Punjab Rural Support Program (PRSP)

February 2012 – to March 2012
I was social Educator On this project and mean objective was to conduct the training of Primary School Teachers in District Chiniot (Punjab.)
Another objective of this project was to train the school teachers about control and manage the budget, make sure the transparently use of Aid. Mobilize Teacher to develop the strong relationship with community, and involve parents of the students in the school meeting and negotiate with them to develop the Educational and infrastructural aspects of the institution

Title : field Editor at Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey. (Field Editor)

UNDP ,UNICEF and Punjab Bureau of Statistic.
June 2011 – October 2011 (5 months) Punjab Province
Ø  Major Responsibilities were.
Ø  Assign work to interviewers, taking into account the linguistic capability and
assure that there is an equitable distribution of the workload.
Ø  Review workload regularly to ensure that the team members
have sufficient time for interviews, editing and re-visits.
Ø  Maintain cluster control sheets and make sure that assignments are completed in time.
Ø  Review questionnaire quality in coordination with Regional Supervisors.
Ø  Make spot checks of the Question
Ø  Observing household interviews.
Ø  Take charge of the team vehicle, ensuring that it is used only for project work.
Ø  Make efforts to develop a positive team spirit, a congenial work atmosphere along with
careful planning of field activities, which contributes to the overall quality of the survey.
Ø  Keep liaison and coordinate with Regional Supervisor and Editor.
Ø  Request for staff as required (e.g. replacement due to illness, non-availability etc.) to ensure timely conduct and work quality.
Ø  Responsible for assisting the measurer, as needed, and carefully monitoring the quality of the anthropometric measurements.
Ø  Contacting district and local authorities
Ø  Arranging transportation and accommodation
Ø  Using maps to locate sites. Organizing fieldwork and Materials for field work.
Ø  Provide Fieldwork documents /Supplies, Field equipment/ Like, Measuring board, weighing scale, GPS Device, Clipboards-Paper clips, tags, staplers, packing tape-Envelopes to store completed questionnaires-First aid kit-Umbrella-Water bottle-Salt kit Etc.
Ø  Using maps to locate sites. Finding selected households. Organizing and supervising fieldwork. -Reducing Number of non-response of respondents. And handling pending interviews. Maintain Motivational and morale stuff. And Maintaining cluster control sheets
Ø  Coordinate and Monitor the team and enumerator for data collection and ensure the 100% pure data collection.
Ø  One month working experience in the Innovative Development Strategies (IDS) Organization on the project of accountability of the BISP Poverty survey based on the household interview survey from 26 March to 28 April 2011.

Title :Field Supervisor

Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA)
September 2010 – January 2011 (5 months)Lahore.Shekhopura and Kasur Districts
Major Responsibilities.
v  Making the necessary preparation for the field work
v  Well-being and safety of team members
v  Supervise the team and facilitate the enumerators for data collection.
v  Completion of the assigned workload within stipulated period of time
v  Ensure the sold and pure data collection.
v  Maintenance of data quality by coordinating with the Enumeration  team
v  Keeping liaison with the Government agencies / Regional Supervisors for tackling the untoward incidents in the field.
v  Monitor and evaluate the enumerator's works and prepare the detailed report on daily, weekly and monthly bases.
v  Reporting progress regularly of the work achieved to the Regional Supervisors to provide proper feedback on progress and problems for appropriate action.
v  Safe delivery of all questionnaires and control sheets to Regional Supervisors for further data editing as per Project guidelines.
v  Taking GPS coordinates by using GPS device and its onward transmission to the Project Secretariat.
v  Four month working experience in the MUAWIN.Org from 1St April 2009 to 5 July 2009 as a Researcher.
o   (Research on Water Metering System of the WASA Lahore).

Ø  Three Year field experience in Anjum Samji Bahbod Faisalabad as a Field Supervisor from March 2005 to March 2008.


Project: Changa Pani Program Lahore.

Organization :Government of Punjab,anjuman samaji bahbood(ASB), urban unit P&D Department Lahore and city District Government Lahore.
June 2008 – June 2010 (2 years 1 month)Lahore ,Punjab .Pakistan
“Job description and Responsibilities being a Social Mobilizer & Organizer in
ChangaPani Program.”
§  Mapping of the area
§  Made community group.
§  Social mobilization
§  Conduct community meetings
§  Evaluate the Community Work Progress
§  Gave awareness to community about self- ownership
§  Capacity Building of all the stake Holders of Project
§  Handle all personnel matters
§  Report writing and documentation of the project.
§  Monitoring and evaluation of the project
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A research work (Thesis) has been completed, submitted and published recently under the title of

 “The Evaluation Study Of Community Based Pilot Project Of ChangaPani Program Badar Colony, LAHORE” (Institute of Social & Cultural Studies)  Punjab University, Lahore.


1-Sustainable WASH Development Through Public Private Partnership (Research Paper)
Presented in Environmental Sustainable Development CIIT Abbottabad Campus. 27-08-2013

2-Evaluation study of Changa Pani Program Lahore.At University of the Punjab Lahore

December 10, 2010

3-Water Metering System of WASA Lahore .Lahore April 6, 2009

Ø  Organize ,attend and participate in 4th World Water Forum fallow up  meeting at Leader Inn hotel Lahore sponsored by Fresh Water Action Network of South Asia
 (FANSA-Punjab Zone) on 29-05-2012
Ø  Attend Work Bank Meeting at Avari Hotel Lahore on 16-05-2012
Ø  Attend and participate in Freshwater Action Network of South Asia General Body meeting as NCRD at Islamabad on 29 April 2012.
Ø  Attend General Body meeting at Bhalwal city for developing and make Bhalwal a Model city of Pakistan on 05 May 2012.
Ø  Attend the conference on “Heart Diseases, its prevention and Treatments” at Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore on 27 April 2012.
Ø  Attend National Award Ceremony on 23 March 2012 at Governor House Lahore.
Ø  10 days exposure visit of different organization working on Water, Sanitation and Health Hygiene in The Punjab and Sindh Province.
Ø  Attend many World Bank’s live videos conferences related to water and sanitation and prepared its reports on the behalf of my department at LUMS University Lahore.
Ø  Attended four day training program based on health and hygiene through water and sanitation conducted by Urban Unit and WASA Lahore and take the certificate.
Ø  Exposure visit of OPP (Karachi) and KWSA.
Ø  Take a survey of the area of the Golra Sharif (Islamabad) and participate in the process of project planning its implementation and achieving the good water and sanitation system with component sharing model.
Ø  Attend the conference of fresh water action network of South Asia (FANSA) At Lahore.
Ø  Attend the seminar of the Punjab water and sanitation regulatory authority at Lahore.
Ø  Participate in the workshop of the water and sanitation consultancy at the melons Hotel Lahore.
Ø  Participate in the meeting of the community development officer (CDOs) at Avari Lahore.
Ø  Attend the annual meeting of the RSPNs at Pearl Continental Hotel at Lahore.
Ø  Participate in the annual election meeting of the fresh water action network of South Asia (FANSA) At Beach Luxury Karachi.
Ø  Attend Conference of the (SACOSAN) South Asia conference on sanitation on 8 .02.2011 at Ambassador Lahore.
Ø  Attend 3 days Annual conference on the Nazria.e..Pakistan from 9 to 11 .02.2011 at Lahore.

Exposure visits.

An Exposure visit had been done in Punjab and Sindh Province of Pakistan Sponsored by Fresh Water Action Network of South Asia Pakistan (FANSA) on 5 April 2012 to 25 April 2012.
 Objective of Exposure visit.
 This visit had a unique objective which was study, visible visit the project areas, strategies, planning, implementations style of different NGOs ,CBOs working on Water ,Sanitation, Health Hygiene, and Environment Protection. Following cities of both provinces had been visited.

 Punjab Province. I visited following cities of Punjab Province during this Exposure visit.

Ø Lahore
Ø Faisalabad
Ø Chinot
Ø Jhang
Ø Shorkot
Ø Ahmad Pur Siyal
Ø Toba Teek Singh (TTS)
Ø Gujjranwala
Ø Gujrat
Ø Wizerabad
Ø Sialkot
Ø Khaniwal
Ø Vehari
Ø Multan
Ø Sahiwal
Ø Pakpatan
Ø Rawalpindi
Ø Murree
Ø Kotli Satian
Ø Malot Satian
Ø Klar Sayadan

Sindh Province. Following cities of Sindh Province had been visited during this Exposure visit
Ø Karachi
Ø Hyderabad
Ø Meerpur
Ø Khairpur
Ø Sakhar
Ø Rohri
Ø Tando Adam
Ø Nawab Shah
Ø Umerkot
Ø Chachero
Ø Tharparkar
Ø Thatha

Other exposure visits.
Study visits on following places had been done.

Ø  Tarbela Dam at KPK
Ø  Balakot
Ø  Mansehra
Ø  Shogran valley
Ø  Harripur
Ø  River kunhar

Permanent Address:
Moza, ThathaBaigAdda Thana BhalikThesil& Post Office Tandlianwala , District Faisalabad.

Reference will be furnished on demand